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Fabric Construction Lesson

Fabric Construction Lesson

Shop Difficulties… It is heartbreaking and very frustrating to pour so much work and energy into something with continuous negative results! Humble apologies to disappointed customers. In the end 4…

The Shop

Empisal as a Brand…
The importers of the brand in our SHOP are going to lengths to improve the opinion and experience of the public. Unfortunately some years ago a licence for manufacture was sold and the products produced under this licence were of inferior quality.  These Empisal products were sold by some big grocery and department stores for about R1000 per unit.  Those incredibly basic machines came with no after sales service and no parts imported for repairs.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

About 30-some months ago I embarked on this steep learning curve creating the Anytime Classroom. It was soon clear that I knew nothing about getting what was in my head, into a usable and user-friendly Online Learning Platform. Not even mentioning the tiny but blossoming notion (pun intended) of having an Online Shop!