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It is heartbreaking and very frustrating to pour so much work and energy into something with continuous negative results!  Humble apologies to disappointed customers.

The sad, empty shopping trolly…. NO MORE!


In the end 4 different Technical Fundy’s have been on the job and able to sort out why some transactions got stuck on Check-out.

Luckily there is no further problem and you can go SHOPPING right now!


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Your Any time Classroom

New FREE Online Lesson Published:

High quality 100% Wool Woven Fabric

Fabric Construction

Chapter 5.1  –  Introduction

– Relevant YouTube Video on how the Industrial Loom works –

Chapter 5.2

– First I tackle some Geometry to make the construction and characteristics of Wovens easier to grasp.

–  I explain how pattern and a particular “feel” can be achieved.

– A few interesting fabric types are introduced.

– All-in-all a very interesting lesson in under 25 minutes.

Technique Focus

  • How fabric grain and pattern placing affect hang and fit of a garment or other article.
  • Become aware of how to obtain the grains of the fabric before cutting.
  • Become familiar with a few different types of commonly used fabrics.
  • Learn how pattern and texture are achieved in fabrics… and a lot more.


This lesson is part of Basics for Beginners.

There is an enormous amount to know about fabric construction…

. . . in your next lesson

Chapter 5.3

The Plain Knit


Your personal sewing teacher


Keep well.

Until next time . . .



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