14 February 2018

Sew Fabulous Anytime Classroom and Shop


The now closed Brooklyn, Pretoria classroom                                                                      click to see the photo album

Recent history

On 30 November 2017 the physical classroom in Brooklyn, Pretoria closed. 

Now, only Online Classes are offered.  

About 30-some months ago I embarked on this steep learning curve creating the Anytime Classroom.  It was soon clear that I knew nothing about getting what was in my head, into a usable and user-friendly Online Learning Platform.  Not even mentioning the tiny but blossoming notion (pun intended) of having an Online Shop!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Private Studio

Learning New Things            click to see more

A professional cameraman was a nice try at the time but proved not to be the answer for Sew Fabulous.  The fact that my mental image was a non-transferable concept resulted in long, painful days spent filming and editing side-by-side with this very willing Martian-Movie-Man.  And to me it was “just not right.”

An online editing course was next on my list of endeavours and proved rather useful in the pursuit of finding “the process” for this venture.  It took a lot of time learning and mastering the new skills.  Oh, but I loved the growing control over the end-product.

Eventually, about six months ago, the realisation dawned that being a “Control Freak” is a very good thing in certain instances!  A necessity in fact, in some. 

Complete Control brings Complete Responsibility… 


My Camera Jib

While embracing the newfound power, it brought with it an unexpected investment in wonderful professional lighting. Next arose the necessity for inventing and constructing some interesting camera jibs, holders and stands.   And now, I believe, Bob’s my Uncle!

Suddenly I have developed a certain awe for real moviemakers!  

What’s in the Online Classroom?

Anyone who has completed courses at Sew Fabulous will tell you that they received much more than they bargained for.  It remains my mission to continue this legacy.  For this reason the Basics for Beginners Curriculum is there for you, entirely free of charge.  There is enough to get you started now and new tutorials will be added as they are produced.

A Sewing Machine in good working order is required to complete this Course.  In Module 2, later this year, your machine will need to be able to make a One Step, Automatic Buttonhole.

In Future Posts…

There will be a regular Product Focus where we will strive to have the items at special discounted prices.

The product will be introduced in the next month’s lessons in the Anytime Classroom.

After Sales Support

Fabulous Machine at a Fab Price

First up is the Empisal EES10.  This surprising machine has everything you require for many years of sewing pleasure.

It is the featured machine in the Anytime Classroom.

Price and Fact Sheet

Take me Shopping

At present no online orders are possible.  The Apps and Plugins still refuse to communicate!

You are welcome to send an e-mail to joey@sewfabulous.co.za with your Shopping List below.  We’ll get back to you with further details.

Basics for Beginners Sewing Course

Yours Free included with your machine

When students purchase this machine, they also receive the entire Starter Kit.  This kit is required for the Basics For Beginners Course.

Should you not require a machine, chances are you have some of these items.  You can make a Shopping List and order only those items.


N e x t    t i m e    y o u    c a n    e x p e c t    t o    f i n d :

Technique Focus:  Thread the Machine.  Fill the Bobbin

Upcoming Lessons:  Learn about Machine Settings

Product Promo:  25 x Metal Bobbins and a Bobbin Box

In the meantime:  Visit the Facebook page.

Important Notice

and disclaimer.

This BLOG overrides and takes precedence over any and all other information.

Any new information will be published here first.  Check every month-end for the latest news, products, events and lessons.


Until next time…

         Go well . . .    Sew well!



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