Conditions for an Appointment to Happen…

Appointments take place using your phone camera and WhatsApp.

BEFORE YOU BOOK AN APPOINTMENT, make sure you are able to set up a similar arrangement as in the image below…


We need to test and see that   I can see you and you can see me…   this needs to happen before your Booked Appointment can take place.

Our Terms

The Appointment can only take place if:

  • your Appointment Fee has been received and
  • you have had a successful Set-Up-Check as pictured above.
  • This is set up via e-mail communication once your Appointment Slot Booking and Fee have been received.


  • Bookings close 2 days before a specific time slot to allow for preparation by all parties.
  • To make sure your Booking and Fee was received, please confirm with a WhatsApp message to 083 271 3545.  Please provide a short description and picture of what you need help with.  You can also use the form below.
  • Your Appointment Fee is safe and transferable to another time if the Set-Up-Check fails or needs to be postponed or redone as a result of a Gone-Wrong after everyone complied with a Show-Up.
  • If failure of Set-Up-Check is evident, Appointment is subject to availability of a time slot.  Priority is given to first booked Appointments.
  • A No-Show means a student could not be reached by phone for the period and duration of the Appointment.   3 attempts will be made to connect during the appointment time.
  • A No-Show by a student means forfeit of the Fees for that Appointment.
  • In the case of a No-Show, no refunds and no transfers are applicable.
  • In the case of a No-Show, a new Appointment booking must be made and all the above applies again from the top.